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LIPSIA C.J.S.Co designs and manufactures conveyor equipment. The company was founded in 2001 as a Russian-German joint venture with LIPSIA Fordertechnik GmbH (1995, Germany, Brandis).

LIPSIA specializes in:  

-          design, production and turnkey installation of conveyor equipment from standard straight-running conveyors to fully-automated production lines;

-          automation of technical processes and productions;

-          supplying spare parts and components for conveyor equipment.

Our product range includes conveyor equipment for the following areas:

·         meat and poultry processing industries;

·         freezing of half-finished products;

·         fish processing industry;

·         seafood industry;

·         fruit and vegetable processing;

·         production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages;

·         bread-baking industry;

·         tea and coffee industries;

·         dairy industry;

·         confectionary industry;

·         other industries;

·         spare parts and components

Meat and poultry processing industry

Specific requirements of the meat-processing industry demand high-quality conveyor equipment. LIPSIA conveyor systems meet or exceed all European quality, safety and sanitation requirements. Our equipment is highly reliable and long lasting; has high throughput capacity and are convenient to service. We make our equipment using parts produced by world-leading companies, which ensures flawless non-stop operation of our installed equipment.

For different types of meat products, we use custom-designed straight-running and turn-curve modular plastic belts. Such belts are approved for direct food contact. They are easy to clean, chemical-resistant and convenient to service. The belts are easy to assemble, disassemble and can be quickly repaired. When product is transported on an inclined surface, modular belts with guard edges and flights are used.

Our product range:

  • Processing lines for coating, cutting and trimming equipped with dismountable table-plates;
  • Rotary tables;
  • Elevating and turn-curve conveyors;
  • Industrial conveyors for carcasses, boxes;
  • Roller conveyors;
  • Cooling systems of both straight-running and spiral conveyors;
  • Automated warehousing and storage systems for containers or boxes with products (with accumulation and cooling functions);
  • Industrial conveyors for organizing logistics on poultry-processing plants.


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