Bread-baking industry

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We offer a diverse range of conveyor equipment for the bread-baking industry and provide solutions for product transfer, cooling, grading and batching.

Pre-cooling of products, transported by conveyors from the ovens, ensures high quality of packaged products. LIPSIA spiral conveyors are a perfect choice for providing high-quality automated cooling without forced airflow.

Product range:

  • Spiral conveyor systems for cooling, accumulation, elevating and lowering of products
  • Rotary tables
  • Roller conveyors
  • Automated warehousing systems 


Confectionary industry

Our conveyor systems are widely used in the confectionary industry for half-finished product transfer and ready-made product transportation.

Product range

  • Glazers;
  • Spiral conveyors for cooling and freezing;
  • Straight-running and turn-curve conveyors;
  • Roller conveyors;
  • Elevators, Z-shaped conveyors;
  • Rotary tables


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