Freezing of half-finished products

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Freezing of half-finished products

Our conveyors are used for blast freezing of half-finished products such as ravioli, dumplings, cutlets, meatballs, pancakes, pizza, crabmeat sticks, seafood, stuffed vegetables and bakery foods. Spiral conveyors, specially designed for blast-freezers, have the smallest footprint available, but facilitate high throughput and make it possible to use the belt surface most efficiently, since they do not move in the reverse direction.

Use of LIPSIA conveyors will reduce freezing time, preserve flavor and marketable quality of products.

For blast-freezing, multi-tier conveyor systems can be used consisting of several straight-running conveyors stacked one above another. Having similar production capacity, such systems are less costly than conventional spiral conveyors.

Throughput capacity of multi-tier conveyors varies from 300 to 3000 kg of fast-frozen product per hour.

Such conveyors comply with sanitation requirements, since they offer maximum access to the inner parts of the equipment for inspection and cleaning.

Our product range:

  • Spiral conveyors;
  • Multi-tier conveyor systems;
  • In-feed and discharge conveyors;
  • Elevators, Z-shaped conveyors;
  • Batching and packaging lines;
  • Automatic cooling chamber


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