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10 June 2013
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In October 1995 an engineer Shteffan Hann founded engineering company LIPSIA Fordertechnik GmbH in Leipzig. The main focus of the company were designing, manufacturing and supplying of modern conveyor equipment, automation of mass production, the installation of integrated lines for industrial plants.

Because of increasing of orders in 1999, LIPSIA Fordertechnik GmbH moved to the city Brandis (Brandis), where the factory much more bigger than the previous was built. It was also opened several new offices.

In 2001, the company was already working on all of Europe almost, has entered the Russian market. CJSC "Lipsia," was founded as a joint engineering enterprise with LIPSIA Fordertechnik GmbH (Germany). Equipment produced by holding LIPSIA, comes in all countries of the European Union, the Middle East, the CIS countries.

The first five years of the company, "Lipsia," marked by rapid expansion of the company in Russia and CIS countries. This company has the main aim - to be the leader in the field of automation of production flow.

In 2006 CJSC "Lipsia," became a leader in the technology shock-frozen products. The main focus for development in this period are conveyor systems, conveyor systems and the spiral shock freezing chamber. In June 2006 CJSC "Lipsia" opened a subsidiary company, "Lipsia Engineering", which task is solving problems of cooling.

2007 - CJSC "Lipsia" have got a contract for the supply of components Schuco Design. Output conveyor lines based on Schuco components into new markets: tea, coffee, tobacco, cosmetics, household chemicals. There were many large projects in the field of mechanical engineering with leading companies around the world.

Development trends robotics were in 2008. Industrial robots, pikkery, palletizer. The company "Lipsia" solves technological problems in enterprises "turnkey" to minimize the manual work, optimize production costs. In order to properly cope with the increased number of orders, LIPSIA Fordertechnik GmbH increases the production area of ​​its plant in Brandis twice in June 2008.

Having a great experience in the global market of conveyor equipment and industrial automation systems, having a practical knowledge of each aspect of business, CJSC "Lipsia " is confident in the future.

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